Is Summer Gone?

The rain seems to have everybody a little freaked out right now, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s Oregon, which means we can never be too sure what the fall is going to bring us. Remember last summer? From July through September Portland experienced it’s longest dry spell since recording began in 1940. Last September had an average temperature of 79-degrees.

Temperatures are supposed to reach 86 by Tuesday, with little cloud coverage. The long range forecast for this September and October show more sunny and warm or sunny and cool days than rainy days. In fact–according to long term estimates–the rain we experienced yesterday (Thursday the 5th), was in no way an indicator of this winter’s weather.

Each fall the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society tries to predict what winter will be like. The meeting this year will be Saturday, November 17th (the public is welcome to attend, but it’s probably boring). The accuracy of these meetings in the past has not been great. As things stand now, people are saying this winter should be fairly dry and cold. If we can hold on to the warm weather, and get a little more of that dry back, we should be fine for fall. But like I said, it’s Oregon so who knows. In case summer really is over, here’s a couple comics and memes for your pleasure.


First: watch this video



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