Spider Fest

Spiders can be scary, we all get it. They’re small, make no noise at all, creep around with their little eyes, poison us–they’re weird. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not incredibly interesting, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t awesome to be able to see a lot of different ones in a safe and protected environment. Just be careful where you wander . . . Yeah, I’m talking about you Peter Parker.

At the end of this month Lewis and Clark is hosting Spider Fest. Here’s everything you need to know from their site:

Invitation to Spider Fest, Oct. 29

OCTOBER 24, 2012

Hello Community,

It’s that time again – there’s a chill in the air, leaves are turning, and spiders are ballooning and decorating our world with webs.
It’s SpiderFest Time!
You, your family and friends are cordially invited to SpiderFest
First floor hallway of Bodine and the Binford lab (Bodine 102)
Monday, October 29
5-8 pm
Our goals for SpiderFest are to welcome you into the lab, celebrate the phenomenal biodiversity represented in arachnids, and introduce you to the science we do. We hope to inspire you, demystify arachnids and debunk some of the myths around them.
We will:
• demonstrate how we collect venom by electrostimulation
• show how we bioassay the activity of venom chemicals on insects
• have demonstrations of live spiders catching prey by biting them
• have student demonstrations/presentations about their research projects
• do whatever else my creative group of students comes up with!
If that’s not enough, we will serve spider inspired treats and venomous brew punch, have “make your own spider stations”, AND you can try your luck at pin-the-tail-on-the-vinegaroon!
If you want to know what a vinegaroon is, you’ll have to come by SpiderFest.
Please bring your curiosity and your friends of all ages.
Happy October!
Greta and her excellent lab team.

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