Last Minute News Years Eve Events

A lot of people have been saying they don’t have any plans for New Years Eve. That could easily be because after all the shopping, holiday music, family, letter writing, and everything else that comes with this time of year, maybe people are just tired. Maybe you’re broke and you don’t give a darn. But if it’s because you just couldn’t find anything to do, go check out the two pages below. You will find pretty much anything and everything there is to do in Portland tonight. So have fun, and be safe!

Storm Large, 2012. Photo posted by

First is PDX Pipeline New Years Events. If you’ve never checked out PDX Pipeline, you really should. They make a huge list everything month of things to do in Portland.

If you want some more ideas, check out the New Years list on OregonLive made by JoLene Krawczak.

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