Like free stuff? I sure do! Check out Portland’s new SamplingLab

SamplingLab keeps about 20 brands in stock, many of them local, and plans to rotate offerings every 30–45 days—although, with a long waiting list of brands and a steady stream of consumers, those numbers could shift. After signing up online, SamplingLab members are free to get started—typically by grabbing a Widmer seasonal or Hotlips soda (also free) from the well-stocked fridge. Drinks in hand, customers browse the store, a cozily decorated living room-style space complete with overstuffed armchairs, patterned rugs, warm wooden panels and soft lamp lighting. Members peruse shelves of cocktail syrups, seafood curry, dog biscuits, and vegan body wash, pausing to read more about the products on posted signs or the Bluetooth-operated iPhone app. Having made a selection, a customer approaches the front desk, where a SamplingLab employee scans the product and emails the customer a survey link.

Some of the rules have changed from the article below but check it out for yourself!

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