Verde Cocina Restaurant Review

I first encountered Verde Cocina at the Farmers Market.  With their huge outdoor, smooth grills, they were making roasted veggies stuffed inside homemade tortillas with a gorgeous mole sauce. The veggies were all ones in season including red onion, kale, turnips, and beets. Their first cafe opened in SW Portland in the Hillsdale neighborhood.  I was excited a few months ago to note that they were opening a second cafe in the Pearl District and went for brunch yesterday.

Verde Cocina focuses on local, organic ingredients and their flavors shine through.  I ordered a veggie bowl that had a choice of brown rice or quinoa.  It was loaded with roasted onion, potatoes, turnips, and more. A garbanzo bean mash was mixed in with the rice and it was served with fresh, homemade tortillas.  It was delicious.  So fresh but also flavorful.  Kellie had the pork Gringas with Mole and the 3 corn tortillas were stuffed with slow roasted and shredded pork.  She loved the dish and had enough left over for lunch the next day.

They have a pretty extensive (although I have certainly seen more at other local restaurants) tequila list which they offer in 1/2 oz and 1 oz pours.  All their tequila shots come with their homemade sangria.

I would definitely recommend Verde Cocina for their authentic, flavorful food.  Every bite of this delicious and healthy food made me so happy that this reasonably priced restaurant was now in my neighborhood!

524 NW 14th (between Glisan and Hoyt)

Verde Cocina


One thought on “Verde Cocina Restaurant Review

  1. Marianne

    Nice to know there is a second location. I have been to the Hillsdale location several times and each entree I had was delicious.

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