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Planet Granite Bringing Climbing Mecca to the Pearl


Planet Granite

Planet Granite

San Francisco based Planet Granite plans to build a full block climbing facility between NW 14th and 15th at Pettygrove and Quimby.  The 30,500 sq ft facility with a 60 ft climbing wall is targeted to open in mid 2014.  The owner, Micky Lloyd, proclaims that it will be the best climbing facility in the country.

There will be walls with hydraulically adjustable angles and crevices of changeable widths.  The gym will also offer yoga, weights, and cross training equipment. Annual membership will run $803.

Local Choice Market Opens In Pearl


Local Choice Market

Local Choice Market

Many Pearl residents  (myself included) have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Local Choice Market (I know I have). It is a locally owned market focusing on supplying consumers with local produce, meat, seafood, and grocery items. They have a coffee and wine bar, Farmatherapy bar (smoothie and juice bar), and deli. They support locally sourced food and local suppliers first and then if items are not available locally, they will support non-local items only if available in good supply, excellent quality and at reasonable prices from local suppliers.

So we set out to check out the market today.  Great looking space with tables for deli items, beer and wine bar, and windows that will roll up during the summer.  Nice spacious layout and great customer service. My complaints would be there they were really lacking in inventory.  No beans, rice, tofu, pet supplies, and pretty much most “middle aisles” items.  I was looking for a sauce like, Cafe Yumm sauce (since that is local) but nothing.  Also, prices were pretty high.  Salad dressing that I get at Zupans for $5.50 was $7.50, granola for $13.50, and hummus for $7.  I certainly will pay more to support local brands, but these prices are more an occasional splurge vs. doing my regular shopping.  Kellie had a bowl of Chicken Minestrone soup for $6 but said it was mostly broth and some finely shaved veges.

We will certainly go back and I do think that more inventory will come in.  I certainly want it to be a success but I hope they are able to balance special items and more reasonably priced goods.

Local Choice Produce Market

830 NW Everett Street
Portland, OR 97209



Local Choice Market


MON – SAT 7am – 9pm
SUN – 8am – 6pm