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And Booze Too!

Portland is known for its beer, but that’s not all we’re good at, and Bull Run Distilling Company is one of the reasons why.

Founded by acclaimed Portland distiller Lee Medoff, the co-founder of House Spirits, Bull Run Distilling Company looks for raw ingredients with a focused flavor. Their two 800 gallon stills are the largest in the state, in keeping with Medoff’s dream of putting Oregon on the distilling map with an Oregon whiskey.

They continue to produce the popular Medoyeff Vodka as well as whiskey, rum, and “Temperance” small-batch, limited release spirits.

Medoyeff Vodka:

The practice of drinking vodka with mixers and ice is wholly western in origin. There is no cocktail culture in Eastern Europe. They drink their Vodka straight and therefore look for natural flavor and mouth feel from the raw vodka. It’s with this in mind that we have created Medoyeff Vodka, the first Russian-American vodka.

Using what he learned from his visits to Russian and Ukrainian vodka distilleries years ago, our head distiller uses a combination of charcoal and limestone to slowly filtering every drop of Medoyeff. This process removes any impurities, while retaining the natural character of the spirit. In fact, the limestone actually imparts a subtle minerally character to the finish that adds to the overall taste and complexity of Medoyeff. The resulting spirit is so unmistakably Russian you’re libel to shout “Na zdorovie” after just a sip.

Tasting Notes:

Sight: clear and viscous
Nose: clean, anise, herbal
Initial Palate: slight sweet and spicy
Mouth Feel: bright and bracing, full, weighty and lingering
Finishing Palate: mineral notes, needle, clean

How Best to Enjoy:

Straight…as a perfect companion to food
With a citrus twist…we like grapefruit
In your favorite cocktail…try a classic
Always from the freezer…no matter how you drink it

Tasting room open Thursday through Saturday afternoons; tours also available by appointment.