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Quick Look: Fall Into Fashion

Fall into Fashion is on the horizon. September 11th, enjoy the free event in downtown Portland. The event will be featuring fashion shows every half-hour from 5:30pm-7:30pm, and SmartParking and PediCab are free.

Fall into Fashion will be replacing Fashion’s Night Out, founded by Anna Wintour, which was canceled back in February. Portland Business Alliance’s Lisa Frisch, who helped put on our version of Fashion’s Night Out, had planned to do something similar, and it would appear she made it happen.

Here’s a look at what to expect:


Banana Republic

BANANA REPUBLIC | 710 SW Yamhill St. | 503.274.7963

Styling seminars on how to wear the latest fall looks. Light refreshments.

Bridge & Burn

BRIDGE & BURN | 1122 SW Morrison St. | 971.279.407

Take 20% off purchases. Light refreshments.

Brooks Brothers

BROOKS BROTHERS |912 SW Morrison St. | 503.223.4039

Made-to-Measure Trunk Show featuring new fall fabrics from Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Columbia Sportswear

COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR | 911 SW Broadway | 503.226.6800

Take 20% off purchases. Five percent of proceeds donated to Dress for Success Oregon.


MACY’S | 621 SW Fifth Ave. | 503.223.0512

VIP Sale throughout the store. Gift with purchase in women’s apparel on the 3rd floor. Free makeovers in cosmetics. Light refreshments.


MARIO’S | 833 SW Broadway | 503.227.3477

Light refreshments.

Mercantile Portland

MERCANTILE PORTLAND | 729 SW Alder St. | 503.223.6649

View new designer coats and collections. Informal modeling, light refreshments and food from Urban Farmer.

Michael Allen’s Clothier

MICHAEL ALLEN’S CLOTHIER | 811 SW Morrison St. | 503.221.9963

Men’s and women’s trunk shows featuring Oriciani, Lubiam and others. Live music and light refreshments.


MOJAVE | 415 SW 13th Ave. | 503.719.6462

Take 10% off any purchase. Light refreshments.


NORDSTROM | 701 SW Broadway | 503.244.6666

Enter to win one of ten $50 gift cards. Music, photos and light refreshments.


PARALLEL | 1016 SW Washington St. | 503.274.8882

Partnering with Pinkham Millinery. Put your fall look together with a personal stylist. Meet Timeless Treasures designer Kathy Shea. Informal modeling. Enter to win. Light refreshments.


PENDLETON | 900 SW Fifth Ave. | 503.242.0037

Enter to win by donating items to Dress for Success Oregon. Light refreshments.

Pinkham Millinery

PINKHAM MILLINERY | 1012 SW Washington St. | 503.796.9385

Partnering with Parallel. Experts will show you how to top off your fall look. Light refreshments.

Radish Underground

RADISH UNDERGROUND | 414 SW 10th Ave. | 503.928.6435

Meet local designers Rita Hudson of Hubris Apparel and Alyson Clair of Clair Vintage Inspired. Enter to win a dress from these designers. Get a $10 gift card with a purchase of more than $150. Light refreshments.

SaySay Boutique

SAYSAY BOUTIQUE | 1010 SW Morrison St. | 503.223.1282

Take 10% off any purchase. Light refreshments.


SOLESTRUCK | 417 SW 13th Ave. | 503.224.3591

Special discounts. Light refreshments.

TJ Maxx

TJ MAXX | 604 SW Washington St. | 503.224.1417

In-store fashion shows. Light refreshments.


UNDERU4MEN | 800 SW Washington St. | 503.274.2555

Fall swimwear and underwear fashion shows from 7 to 9 p.m., featuring a DJ and light refreshments, including Widmer microbrews.

City Target Fail

I could do my best to write a detailed review about the new City Target, but I’ll be brief: It’s really small. Ok, it’s 89,000-square-feet, but where is everything?

In an effort to get away from suburbs (where people are spending a decreasing amount of money at stores like Target), retailers are starting to look towards city centers. Target is among those companies trying to get their products in the heart of things. Walking into City Target is cool; I’ll give them that. You have to pass through a couple different sets of doors, then enter a high ceilinged lobby with escalators dragging you up and past a big sign reading “hi Portland.” But once you’re there, you find yourself wondering where everything is.

City Target—which they have in LA, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and a few other places—doesn’t get rid of any departments. They still have sections for everything, but due to its smaller size all the sections are cut down to just a handful of things. Yeah, they have vacuums and pillows, but they have about five vacuums and one pillow. Good luck finding an alarm clock…

The bottom line: It’s fine. It’s Target, it has cool trendy things and it doesn’t smell as bad as a Wal-Mart, but it’s just small and under stocked. Don’t go in expecting to find everything you would at a normal suburban Target.