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45 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season

These 45 events are only a glimpse of what the city has to offer. Hidden in nooks and crannies, or else standing in plain sight, our holiday celebrations are vast, varied and worth our attention. Let this guide be your introduction to the season and enjoy showing your holiday cheer!


Laurie Gilmer
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Feel Like Giving?

The holiday season is up on us—yeah, that was intentional—and no matter the frustration we may have for Christmas commercials that air before our pumpkins have rotted, we all get a little jolly around this time. So what’s one to do if they find themselves with a little too much love to hoard? This list should help. Donations are nice, but sometimes spending a few hours volunteering makes just as much difference. I’ve included a few volunteering and donation opportunities for you, so check it out.

Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artistmam/

Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artistmam/

The non-profit, Hands On Greater Portland has a nice calendar every month of volunteer activities. Here’s a few:

Potluck In The Park – This event has been going since 1991. They serve hot meals to anybody, no questions asked, every Sunday—and they mean every Sunday. Check out the Hands On page for more details.

Get Artsy With Refugee Kids – You may have heard of Kateri Park located just south of Powell Blvd on 28th Ave, but did you know that more than half their apartments are dedicated to refugees? A majority of refugees are from Somalia, but there are some families from Burmese and Nepali as well. On Wednesday evenings they put together an art class for children living at Kateri. It’s a great chance to help out families and children who may have lost everything.

Jingle Bell Run/Walk - The Jingle Bell run for arthritis needs volunteers to help organize the event.

Community Warehouse – Always accepting donations, the warehouse has been around since 2001 and have provided essential household items to more than 17,000 low-income people in the metro area.

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore – They accept a wide rang of donations that all go back into building a better community. They also take volunteers.

Portland Women’s Crisis Line – This is a fantastic service. The PWCL accepts old cell phones that it than distributes out to survivors of domestic violence, allowing them to call 911 without any data plan of any kind. With everybody so bent on keeping up with the most popular cell phones, there is an abundance of old ones just sitting around; phones that could be used to save a life.  They also take volunteers, and other donations.