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Rise in Home Sales

A recent article from Bloomberg details the rise in home sales, and other boring but important information on the housing market. Here’s the whole article. But just in case, I’ve listed important points below.

“Purchases of new U.S. homes rose in August, capping the weakest two months this year, showing the fallout from mortgage rates at a two-year high is cooling the real-estate rebound.”

“Sales increased 7.9 percent . . .”

“’The jump in mortgage costs is a significant factor in home purchase decisions, so the housing recovery will abate to some degree,’ said Russell Price, a senior economist at Ameriprise Financial Inc.”

“The median sales price for a new home increased 0.6 percent from August 2012, to reach $254,600, today’s report showed.”

“Purchases rose in three of four U.S. regions, led by a 19.6 percent jump in the Midwest. Sales dropped 14.6 percent in the West to an 82,000 annualized pace, the weakest since March 2012.”

“There were 175,000 new houses on the market at the end of August, the most since March 2011.”

“New-home sales, tabulated when contracts are signed, are considered a timelier barometer than purchases of previously owned dwellings, which are calculated when a contract closes.”

Lennar Corp. (LEN), the third-largest U.S. homebuilder by revenue, said its fiscal third-quarter earnings rose as the company sold more houses and raised prices. The housing recovery ‘is still very much intact,’ said Stuart Miller, chief executive officer of the Miami-based builder.”


Life Hacks for Around the House

It’s hard to beat a good life hack. It makes life cheap and easy when you don’t have the time or patients to use the “right” product. Here’s a list of five good life hacks for you to use around your home. If you want some more awesome hacks, just Google “life hacks,” and you’ll get dozens of them.

1.Got a clogged toilet? Even though they work, plungers are a bit sketchy by themselves. They’re messy, and all it takes is one ill placed suction release and you’re wearing what you’ve just been trying to flush. But you can make them more effective.


Solution? Dish soap and water—easy as that. Pour about a half-cup of dish soap into the toilet bowl and let sit for about 10 minutes. Try to plunger one more time, gently. If that doesn’t work, add about a gallon of nearly boiling water. Your clog should simply slip away. Most of the time you don’t even need to use the plunger; the soap and water will work just fine.


2. It’s always a little weird spraying a ton of chemicals into your microwave to clean it, knowing you’ll soon be super-heating whatever is in there onto the food you plan to eat. So avoid the chemicals.

Put about a half-cup of white distilled vinegar and a half-cup of water in a microwave safe bowl. Put it in the microwave and let it a boil for a couple minutes. This will loosen whatever’s in there, then simply wipe it all away.


3. If you want to avoid looking like a sad version of someone in those “Strongest Man” competitions while you’re removing a full trash bag, simply drill a couple holes in the bottom of the trashcan. The holes will allow air in the bottom, releasing the suction that’s holding your bag behind.


4. Scrubbing Bubbles is great. It works well most the time, but if you’re tired of soap stains, and don’t want to dump more chemicals into the water system, try lemons.

Cut a lemon in half and run it around all your drains and faucets. The citric acid will remove almost all your water stains. Side note: some water stains just aren’t coming off—take a breath and walk away from those ones.


5. Last, but certainly not least, toothpaste for removing crayon from your walls. Every parent out there knows that a child’s artistic imagination can’t be contained to the page, and often their exuberance and imagination overflows onto furniture and walls.

Scrub a non-gel toothpaste (you need the abrasiveness) onto your child’s ill-conceived artwork, then wipe away with a warm wet washcloth. That should do the trick.

In fact Read’s Digest, which I didn’t know what still relevant—has a whole article on 8 ways to remove crayon.


So there you go. If you find yourself in a pinch, give these a shot.