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House for Sale: 5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Rollercoaster

Realtors — and television shows about real estate — are fond of telling would-be home sellers that effective “staging” of a house can significantly assist in selling your home and getting the highest offer. Staging a home typically involves cleaning up the property, redecorating with rented furniture and possibly repainting a room or two.

One Dutch company specializing in real estate promotion has taken the concept of staging to a new level. In order to get some local buzz on a house — they added a roller coaster to take potential purchasers through the house.


I do want to confirm that this is not a house that I am brokering although I would love to tour more houses via roller coaster! What about you?

Laurie Gilmer
Principal Broker
Think Real Estate

Historic Stately Home Tour

Northwest Portland is teeming with old, beautiful homes. If you’ve ever wanted to see the oldest and grandest of them, and learn some of their history, join The Stately Home Tour put on by the Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center and Northwest Children’s Theater.

The tour is May 4th, and tickets cost $25. The proceeds go back to the neighborhood icons and to the Children’s Theater. There will be events at each location, including the history as told by foremost Northwest historians, ice cream, music, and more.

To buy tickets, visit NWCT


The tour includes:

  • The Henry & Hattie Fries Home (1905)
  • The Dr. Andrew & Mrs. Ida Giesy Home (1905)
  • The Edward King Home (1910)
  • The Cardwell Holman Home (1905)
  • The Captain Joseph Sladen Home (1893)
  • First Church of Christ Scientist (NW Neighborhood Cultural Center – 1909)